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Since no two writing projects are exactly the same, I provide editorial expertise tailored to each client’s needs.


Available services include copy editing, proofreading, substantive editing, manuscript evaluation, coaching, consulting, and everything in between. Let’s work together to determine the best approach for your project.

I have worked for clients on fiction, nonfiction (memoir, history, self-help, craft titles, fitness, and more!), educational and academic materials, business reports, and other assorted documents. For more information about my technical editing niches (e.g., board games, music, knitting and craft titles) and my other skills and interests, visit the Specialties page. To view some recent projects I've worked on, visit my Portfolio.

Copy Editing

Beyond correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, copy editing can also help with word usage, smooth phrasing, clarity, consistency, elimination of jargon or bias, and more.


In addition to seeking out typos and other errors in spelling, grammar, or word breaks, proofreading ensures consistent formatting and the accuracy of other visual elements in layout.

Substantive Editing

If you need help with the larger picture, substantive editing can help you reorganize things, spot what's missing, or go a little deeper, while at the same time helping to make your writing sleeker and more stylish.

Manuscript Evaluation

My manuscript evaluations begin with a careful reading to diagnose strengths and issues. A collaborative session usually follows, during which we will seek out possible solutions and create a plan for improvement together.


If you want to improve your writing generally, one-on-one coaching sessions may be for you. In person or by phone, we'll use a combination of editorial suggestions and writing exercises to help you move toward your writing goals.


What are your writing and publishing goals? Are you self-publishing? Does your team need training to improve your communications output? Is it time to implement a house style (or do you need help figuring out how that might benefit you)? Let's work together to find your editorial solution.

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