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Kate Unrau, editor_edited.jpg

I am a professional editor and plain language specialist based in Ontario, Canada. I trained as an editor in Toronto Metropolitan University's Publishing Program (formerly Ryerson University), where I won the Rosemary Shipton Award for Excellence in Book Editing before spending a few years editing in-house at a small but diverse publishing company. I am currently excelling in the plain language program at Simon Fraser University (certificate completion expected 2024).


I work on fiction, nonfiction (memoir, history, self-help, craft titles, fitness, and more!), educational and academic materials, web content, press releases, business reports, and other assorted documents. I work for publishers, for businesses, and directly with authors, and I teach courses in copy and stylistic editing and grammar and punctuation at Toronto Metropolitan University.

I also have a master's degree in violin performance from the University of Toronto and maintain an active performance schedule as a violinist. Visit this page for more information on my work as a musician.


I have a well-studied sense of “the rules,” but I relish the opportunity to engage creatively with new ideas, and my experience in the arts world has made me a strong collaborator. I’d be happy to talk to you about whatever you’re working on to determine how I can best support your goals.


Please contact me for more information about services, rates, and scheduling.

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